About Us - The Notah Begay III Foundation

About Us

The Notah Begay III (NB3) Foundation is a champion of Native children’s health.  We view all children as sacred blessings who hold great potential for all communities. We are dedicated to the active choices we can make so our children live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives.

With an attitude of professionalism, and a platform of evidence-based information, NB3 Foundation is a professional change-maker that supports community partners to actively manage issues surrounding Native children’s health.

NB3 Foundation is an award-winning, national Native American nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing Native American childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. We do this through the development of evidence-based health and physical activity programs, strategic grantmaking, research and advocacy. NB3 Foundation is a respected organization that invests in evidence-based, community-driven, culturally relevant programs that promote healthy weight, physical activity and healthy nutrition. Our approach is about optimism and optimization of cultural strengths and assets.

NB3 Foundation serves 100% Native American populations and tribal nations, each with its own culture, language, history and traditions. NB3 Foundation is designed to provide tribes and Native American communities with the tools, information and inspiration needed to create sustainable change in their own communities that benefit their children’s health.

The two signature programs of NB3 Foundation are 1.) Native Strong: Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures and 2.) NB3FIT