Native Strong - The Notah Begay III Foundation

Native Strong: Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures

Native Strong: Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures is a national program of grantmaking, technical assistance, research, communications and advocacy.  Working with a network of community partners, organizations and national partners, NS works to promote healthy weight in Native communities. NS believes that Native American communities have the inherent knowledge, assets and values to advance their health. NS is designed to provide tribal and Native American communities with the tools and information needed to create sustainable change in their own communities that benefit their children’s health.

Native Strong works to support local Native-led strategies and solutions that improves the health of Native American children in Native communities by:

  • Supporting healthy weight, physical activity and nutrition strategies,
  • Investing in asset- and evidence-based programming,
  • Partnering with Native communities to gather and analyze data to better understand how root causes and the social determinants of health are linked to obesity and diabetes among Native children, and
  • Linking communities to critical resources and addressing policy changes at the tribal, state and federal levels.

Native Strong’s grants support community-based programs that focus on children’s nutrition education, access to healthy foods, increased physical activity and culturally-based youth/community leadership development. Grants are supported by Native Strong’s capacity building technical assistance, research and evaluation, and policy work.  NB3F welcomes opportunities to work with tribes and Native communities when appropriate.