OUR TEAM - The Notah Begay III Foundation


Our dedicated team draws on decades of experience supporting Native youth health and wellness.
Justin Huenemann
President and CEO


“Growing up at a healthy weight, having access to and consuming healthy foods and beverages, and being physically active are essential building blocks to ensuring our children grow up healthy and happy! I am honored to help lead an organization that is committed to Native children and families.”

Olivia Roanhorse
Vice President of Programs


“We have the incredible opportunity to support Native-led research and highlight promising practices to not only inform the lack of information in the public health field, but to show how effective and successful Native-led strategies are at improving the health of children in their communities.”

Monica Stapleton
Chief Financial Officer


“What drives me to do this work is the impact we have every day in the communities we serve. I love seeing the kids beautiful smiles and the hope of the future in their eyes because of what is being taught to them about their health, nutrition and staying physically active.”

Cyanne Lujan
Pueblo of Sandia
Director of Advancement


“The opportunity to impact a child and a community positively is what motivates my work at NB3F. Working with a team that is passionate about improving the lives of our Native children inspires and motivates me to learn how to make a bigger impact as well as setting a positive example and providing for my own children.”

Clint Begay
Pueblos of San Felipe & Isleta/Diné
Director of NB3FIT


“I enjoy seeing all the smiling faces of the kids we serve because I know that the time we spend with them is making a difference in their lives. I do this work because sports has given my family and I so much that I just want to try give those same opportunities to other kids.”

Corey Douma
Pueblo of Laguna
NB3FIT Junior Golf Coordinator


“For me its simple, giving back to native youth is my passion and what drives me to be successful in life. Native youth are the seeds of our mother we are blessed with, deserving of a long and healthy life. Whether through sports or education, the ultimate goal is for the youth to succeed and grow into our leaders of tomorrow.”

Simone Duran
Pueblo of San Felipe
Program Assistant


“I am passionate about the work we do for Native youth because I see potential in each one to create healthier lifestyles and engage others in their community as youth leaders.”

Renee Goldtooth
Evaluation Specialist


“Communities are often stretching their commitments to obtain holistic wellness for their youth so I envision my work to contribute to that collective goal.”

Michelle Gutiérrez
Program Officer


“I do this work because I believe ALL families and communities have the right to be healthy and well.”

April Hale
Communication Specialist


“I enjoy working for non-profit organizations. I’m drawn to the deep causes and grassroots efforts. I appreciate and respect the NB3 Foundation’s mission and work, and I’m happy to be a part of such an amazing team.”

Dakotah Jim
Program Specialist


“Being a part of the NB3F team has allowed me to share my wisdom and gifts to many people who advocate for Native American Health & Wellness and this always makes my heart beat with joy.”

Autumn Quiver
Pueblo of San Felipe/Lakota/Diné
Health and Nutrition Coordinator


“I do this work to be the helping hand that will guide Native Americans into becoming a more stronger, healthier, powerful individual through nutrition education and physical activity.”

Leroy “Buster” Silva
Pueblo of Laguna
Community Coordinator


“My passion has always been to promote healthy living, and now I get to create more opportunities for our Indigenous communities—alongside a group of awesome people!”

Gina Tafoya
Pueblo of Santo Domingo
Administrative Assistant


“I want to set a positive example for my kids and family. With the experience and more knowledge about the NB3 Foundation, I can help promote physical activity and better eating habits.”

Erma Trujillo
Pueblo of Cochiti
Finance Assistant


“Growing up in a family affected by diabetes, my father always instilled in us the importance of a healthy diet, physical fitness and spiritual wellbeing. I admire the mission and efforts of the NB3 Foundation. I am excited to have the opportunity to be part of an inspiring organization and team.”

Simona Casiquito
Pueblo of Jemez
Coach Across America


Reyes Crespin
Pueblos of Laguna & Santo Domingo
Coach Across America