NB3FIT WEEK: A National Week of Native Youth Health and Fitness (April 25,2017)

SANTA ANA PUEBLO, New Mexico (April 25, 2017) The Notah Begay III Foundation (NB3 Foundation) announces NB3FIT WEEK: A National Day of Native Youth Health and Fitness, from November 5th−11th, 2017. Join us in engaging over 12,000 Native American youth across the country in a shared week of physical activity, movement and health.

Building on the huge success of NB3FIT Day in 2016 and by popular demand, the NB3 Foundation is excited to expand this opportunity for health and fitness to an entire week.

Last year, 115 tribes and Native communities from 26 states organized events that resulted in over 10,000 Native youth participating in physical activities, including: runs, walks, stick games, basketball, skateboarding, kickboxing, volleyball, lacrosse, field days, obstacle courses, kickball, dance-offs, hiking, biking, traditional games, swimming, boot camps, Zumba, obstacle courses and health fairs.

“Please join us and lets continue to build a national movement of health and fitness and engage our Native kids in the importance of physical activity and health!” proclaimed Notah Begay III, founder of the NB3 Foundation.

The Foundation calls upon all tribes, Native communities, businesses, organizations, faith groups, schools and allies across the country to host physical activity and health-centered events and activities in their communities during NB3FIT Week. All activities should directly engage Native youth, including one–hour minimum of physically activity.

There is no doubt that keeping children physically active helps children grow up at a healthy weight.  Why is this important? Because today Native American children face significant health challenges setting them up for a life of health complications, including diabetes, obesity and heart disease. The good news is we can do something about this − its PREVENTABLE!

“TOGETHER, we must let our children know that health and fitness are building blocks to living a healthy life and achieving their dreams. And then we must provide accessible opportunities for healthy living directly in the communities youth live in,” said Justin Huenemann, President and CEO of the NB3 Foundation.

To learn more about NB3FIT Week and to register your community youth activity please visit http://www.nb3foundation.org/nb3fit-week/.  Also, high-profile sponsorship opportunities are available to support and be recognized during this one-of-a-kind national event.

About the Notah Begay III Foundation

The NB3 Foundation is a national, award-winning Native American nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing Native American childhood obesity and type-2 diabetes. The NB3 Foundation invests in evidence-based, community-driven and culturally relevant programs that promote health, physical activity and nutrition, ensuring healthy futures for Native American children and their communities. We are committed to ensuring that all Native American youth live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives. (www.nb3foundation.org)


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