NB3 FIT - The Notah Begay III Foundation


NB3FIT inspires Native youth to be healthy and active through physical activity and nutrition programing. Using sports as a platform,NB3FIT coaches teach about health and nutrition so youth can make healthy lifestyle choices. Youth also develop leadership skills and reinforce cultural values like respect, self-persistence, teamwork and self-discipline.

The NB3FIT is a fun, hands-on experience for youth. Throughout the year, youth can sign up for soccer, cross country and golf, including seasonal camps and clinics. All programming includes interactive team-based games and tips for eating healthy, drinking more water and less sugary drinks. Through NB3FIT, the NB3 Foundation is committed to providing high-quality leadership development opportunities that help Native youth grow in their personal lives and develop social, ethical, emotional, physical and cognitive competencies.

For more information about the NB3FIT programs, please contact Clint Begay, Director of NB3FIT, at 505-867-0775 or clint@nb3f.org.

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