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Promising Program Grantee and Capacity Building Grantee: Santa Ana Pueblo Community Wellness and Education Program, Santa Ana Pueblo, NM
“The Department of Education provides the youth of Santa Ana Pueblo the opportunity to participate in an After School Program.  The program is open to all pueblo youth currently in Kindergarten through High School.  The program focus is on continued educational growth, physical fitness, and social responsibility. The After-School program is very proud of our unique programming and invite you to view our video and see for yourself.” Santa Ana Pueblo After-School Program, 2 Dove Road, Santa Ana Pueblo, NM 87004 Contact: Michael Garcia Educational/Recreational Coordinator 505-771-6791

Promising Program Grantee: Nawayee Center School Inc., Minneapolis, MN
Launched in 2004, Nawayee Center School’s Healthy Choices Program, provides nutritious food, encourages a healthy diet, regular exercise and healthy living practices to promote health/wellness, prevent obesity and diseases such as diabetes, reduce teen pregnancy and risky behaviors, and creates opportunities for a more positive future. Health screenings, clinic visits, healthy meals, vegetable gardening, ecological exploration, a variety of physical education activities, outdoor field trips, emotional and vocational support combine to help students become truly healthy. This video was produced at Nawayee Center School about their visit to the St.Croix Ojibwe Band to learn wild rice harvesting and processing as a part of their Diet De-colonization unit in the health class.



Promising Program Grantee: Muscogee (Creek) Nation Department of Health, Okmulgee, OK
The Move It!/Hop to Stop Diabetes Program is a school-based prevention program implemented by the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Department of Health Diabetes Program in 24 public schools since 2003. The program targets physical education classroom, diabetes prevention education, increasing after school activity, and improving school health policies. Students participate in a Fitnessgram test during the school year. The program stresses daily exercise, diabetes prevention education and the practice of jump rope skills in an effort to prevent diabetes.



Promising Program Grantee: Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, Oneida, WI
The Oneida: Heart of Our Youth program provides physical activity and healthy nutrition education opportunities for Native youth ages 7-14. Monthly healthy nutrition and wellness education helps Oneida youth understand how to make healthy eating and lifestyle choices, in addition to opportunities for youth to participate in basketball, lacrosse and golf programming.



 Promising Program Grantee: The STAR school, Flagstaff, AZ
The STAR (Service To All Relations) School provides healthy food and nutrition education innovative practices to serve our Navajo youth. STAR School currently has a Farm to School initiative which includes students involved in raising healthy organic vegetables in school greenhouses and gardens as well as home economics classes for students that provide nutrition education and taste testing recipes using locally grown food.



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