Planning with Purpose Webinar- April 11, 2017

Planning Webinar





From the planning of ceremonies and feasts, to the planting and harvesting seasons, Native American communities have always been planners and have always planned with purpose.

We are pleased to partner with the University of New Mexico- Center for Native American Health, for a webinar to build upon your communities knowledge of planning. CNAH has extensive experience working with Native American communities across the country to develop action plans for those ready to document and organize their work in order to achieve their goals. They will share some key principles to consider when creating one as well as share some examples specific to indigenous communities.

To access the recording of the presentation, click here.

To access the slides of the presentation, click here.


The NB3 Foundation is currently working with our Water First! Learning Community Partners (grantees) as we share a journey to reduce sugary drinks and increase water and breastfeeding consumption in our communities. The webinar will provide some context geared towards this group, but the general content can be applied by any organization or community member interested in action planning. The webinar is open to the general public.