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Muscogee Creek Nation – Hop to Stop Program

Oneida Indian Nation- Family Fitness Center

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Indian Health Board of Minneapolis

Grant Overview

Currently, 45 percent of Native American children ages 6-11 are either overweight or obese. In some Native communities, childhood obesity rates are over 60 percent with some children as young as four years of age diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, the amount of funding resources and support, both public and private, for Native communities to effectively and adequately address this issue is miniscule. Native communities have the inherent knowledge, assets and values to address this health issue within their communities. Capacity Building Grants assist Native communities in developing culturally appropriate childhood obesity prevention strategies by providing resources and technical assistance.

Grants of up to $20,000 each will be awarded to support projects that strategically target childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes prevention through community health assessments, community planning and capacity building.

The purpose of the  Capacity Building Grant is to better understand the root causes of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes through:

  1. Community Health Assessments (new or ongoing) focused on healthy nutrition and healthy food access, built environment, physical activity and/or socio-economic demographics (i.e. focus groups, literature reviews, mapping, surveying, etc.)
  2. Community Planning and Capacity Building focused on healthy nutrition and healthy food access, built environment, physical activity and/or socio-economic demographics (i.e. host stakeholder convenings, coalition building and collaboration efforts)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Organizations eligible to apply include U.S. based Native American-controlled nonprofits 501(c)(3), federally or state recognized tribal governments or programs, or Native American community-based groups with a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor. Schools are not eligible to apply unless they have 501(c)(3) status.*

*Some grant cycles (depending on funding) may have a more specific or broad focus on issue or region/state.


Contact Michelle Gutierrez, Program Officer at or call 505-867-0775 ext. 269.




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