Capacity Building Grants


RFP CLOSED: Check back August 1st when our next round of grants open.

The purpose of the Native Strong: Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures Capacity Building Grant is to support:

1)    Community Health Assessments (new or ongoing): to better understand the root causes of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes which will result in strategies and an action plan to address this health issue; or 

2)    Community Planning and Capacity Building: to create a community-driven action plan to address childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes (i.e. host stakeholder convenings, coalition building and collaboration efforts)

Grants will be awarded up to $20,000 each.  Applications will be accepted from throughout the U.S. However preference will be given to grantees from three specific regions – the Southwest (New Mexico, Arizona), the Upper Midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin) and the Southern Plains (Oklahoma, Texas).

Questions?  Contact or Michelle Gutierrez, Program Officer, (505) 867-0775.

"What do we do with your data? The data collected as an outcome of the grant is your data. We may use data on a general (aggregate) level for internal knowledge building but we will never share your data on an individual/tribal level without your permission."



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