2014 Native Strong Visiting and Learning Grantee Conference

About the 2014 Native Strong Visiting and Learning Grantee Conference
The primary goal of the two day conference was to bring together both cohorts of grantees (Capacity Building and Promising Program) as well as health experts and partners of the NB3 Foundation from across Indian country into a safe and trusting environment to collectively explore how to better utilize our communities’ inherent knowledge, assets, and values to advance Native health.

We believe that the amount of wisdom shared by the panelists, presenters, and fellow grantees provided a platform for knowledge building, collaborative opportunities and ongoing networking to address the root causes of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes among our Native people. Moving forward we will continue to focus on the key strategies shared during our conference - digital storytelling, policy systems environmental change, asset mapping, data collection, built environment, food access, community health assessments, evaluation – to guide our work with all of you. Our respect and thanks goes out to all who attended the conference and for bringing your expertise and passion.

A special thanks to our funding partners, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, W. K Kellogg Foundation, Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community, Wal-mart Foundation and Nike N7 for their critical support and dedication to working with us to address childhood obesity in Native American communities.

2014 Visiting and Learning Grantee Conference Agenda
2014 Visiting and Learning Grantee Conference Sharing Boards Infographic

Presentations and Resources:
Session #1 Reclaiming Native Health: Prespectives on Obesity and Diabetes Prevention for Native Youth (Panel Discussion)

Lunch: Finding a voice through Digital Storytelling: Ben Calabaza

Session 2 Policy, Systems, Environmental Change Pathways to Change: Exploring community organizing approaches to self-determination: Ditra Edwards and Danisha Christian

Session 3 Asset Mapping: A Framework for Empowering our Communities to Greater Health: Shannon Fleg

Session 4 Data Collection for Program Evaluation: Dornell Pete and Dr. Kevin English

Session 5 The Built Environment

Session 6 Promising Program Grantees and Capacity Building Grantees Breakout Sessions

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